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Maroof International Hospital creates Cancer Support Group

Source: Twitter

Islamabad, 24 November 2022 (GNP): The First Lady of Pakistan, Mrs. Samina Alvi, emphasized the need of making concerted efforts to develop support groups to aid cancer patients while speaking at the Breast Cancer Awareness launching event at Aiwan-e-Sadr in partnership with Maroof International Hospital. Hence, Maroof International Hospital created the required Cancer Support Group to help patients deal with physical, emotional, and psychological stress.

The CEO of Maroof International Hospital, Haroon Naseer, praised the first lady’s initiatives and expressed his gratitude for Begum Samina Alvi’s commitment to promote breast cancer awareness.

He said that because there aren’t any support groups in Pakistan, Maroof International Hospital has started a support group programme to help cancer patients and their families.

He stated that patients would have sessions with a team of physicians, psychiatrists, cancer survivors, and volunteers to help them deal with physical, emotional, and psychological stress before, during, and after the recovery phase.

Haroon Naseer felt honored to be a part of the launch event for breast cancer awareness as a stakeholder. He said their participation in the required awareness workshop is a privilege.

In order to educate women and give them more control over their healthcare decisions, the CEO of Maroof International Hospital claimed that the Hospital regularly holds breast cancer awareness sessions.

These sessions are organized by Maroof International and their foreign-trained oncologists, pathologists, and general surgeons and take place at educational institutions, corporate offices, foreign missions, and various other organizations.

Moreover, he expressed that Maroof International is excited to work with academic institutions, the general public, and business partners to advance healthcare. He was hopeful about the eradication of breast cancer among Pakistani women. He said that if the nation could stop the spread of the polio virus in Pakistan, they could certainly eradicate breast cancer.

Men and women of all ages were given 50% off mammography vouchers by Maroof International Hospital’s kiosk, valid from October 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022. They were also given informational booklets on self-examination, risk factors, and keeping a healthy lifestyle at Awan e Sadr.

For people who are interested in utilizing these medical services, the hospital has also scheduled complimentary consultation sessions.


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