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Uzbekistan’s Independence Day Address by Ambassador in Pakistan

Islamabad, 5 September, 2023 (GNP): Dear Dr. Gohar Ijaz, Federal Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan for commerce & industries and productions,

Dear Dean of diplomatic corps in Islamabad Ambassador Otajan Mavlamov,

Dear Generals, Senators, MPAs, former federal Ministers and Secretaries,

My dear colleagues, ambassadors and High commissioners, heads of   international organizations,

Dear prominent experts, journalists, ladies and gentleman,

Assalom aleykum wa rahmatulla wa barakatohy.

Many thanks indeed to all of you for great respect for being in  today`s celebration on Independence day of Uzbekistan in Islamabad.

What a honor and exceptional privilege for me to be posted for the third time in this great country Pakistan and to be a humble servant of the re-connectivity between our two regions and nations.

I`m extremely grateful to the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi, the Government of Pakistan, Pakistan army Navy and Air force for great achievements we gained in our connectivity.

In last years our brotherly cooperation has been elevated to a level of the strategical partnership due to confidant political dialogue, strengthening the trade and industrial, technological projects as well as the active military cooperation between our armed forces.

My best respects and wishes go to Dr. Gohar Ijaz (HI) Federal Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan for commerce & industries and productions, Hon Secretary Mr. Muhammad Sualeh Ahmad Faruqui and all your team who are working with Uzbek colleagues 24\7 to provide the dynamically growing bilateral trade.

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Only in last 2 years we together have increased nearly half billion of bilateral trade via brotherly Afghanistan based on Transit and Preferential trade agreements. No doubt that our teams along with our colleagues will reach very soon the goals of recently signed 1 bln Trade and Industrial cooperation Road Map, Inshallah.

Many special gratitude to Dr. Gohar Ijaz for gracing this occasion as official Chief Guest! Let me tell to this audience the secret as there are no businessmen or bureaucrats from Pakistan like Dr.Gohar Ijaz who so frequently have visited so many Uzbek regions (Ferghana, Andijan, Samarqand, Bukhara, Tashkent, Termez and Jizzaq ets.).

During his fruitful meetings with my President, Prime Minister and uzbek entrepreneurs Dr. Gohar Ijaz has in detail devised the longtime and mutually beneficial Strategy for further increasing the trade investment and industrial cooperation between our countries and businesses.

My heartfelt thanks of course go to all professional teams of the Prime Minister Office, Ministries of foreign affairs, commerce and industries, Railways and aviation, Finance, Economic and Security Divisions Ministry of Food security and many other respective ministries and entities.

Only this year after successful high-level summits of my President and Hon Prime Minister of Pakistan we had conducted the 8th Joint ministerial commission in Tashkent. And nowadays we are implementing new connectivity projects with the help of Chambers of Commerce’s and industrial associations in Islamabad and all provinces of Pakistan.

With your valuable and tireless efforts we been able to arrange in last 2 years more than a dozen high-level meetings more than hundred ministerial summits. In Tashkent and Islamabad Samarqand and Lahore, Bukhara and Karachi Peshawar and Termiz we gained most remarkable results – as the people to people contacts, business to business forums while strengthening region to region institutional connectivity. Alhamdillilah.

Dear friends,  ladies and gentlemen!

The New Constitution adopted this year in Uzbekistan reflects the changes and reforms implemented by Uzbek Government the check and balances between Public-State-Parliament.

New structure of the government with effective, compact and public administration – 1) will be serving the people under the new disposition Human-Society-State; 2) will provide the political stability, strengthen the economic development, further strengthening of social protection of the nation; 3) will implement the cooperation with foreign  partners, increase the internal and external integrity and region to region connectivities.

Uzbekistan is very grateful to Pakistani politicians military leaders, experts and journalists who visited my country as observers during the Referendum (April 30 2023) and then on early Presidential Elections day (July 9, 2023).

Many thanks for your valuable input as you all have witnessed the large turnout of the voters supporting the renewed Constitution.

The President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev in his address on the 32nd Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan has stressed that large-scale work carried out in recent years and the results achieved serve as a solid foundation for strengthening. A clear confirmation is that over the past six years, the gross domestic product in the country has grown by more than 1.5 times, and the number of business entities – by 2 times, industrial growth has exceeded 40%.

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“We must never forget that natural resources are wealth that belongs to future generations. Only united – we are a one nation, only together – a strong country!”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

We all diplomats here in Islamabad are witnessing that same wise approach and long-term Development Strategy is now been implemented in Pakistan under the leadership of Caretaker Prime-Minister Anwaar ul-Haq Kakar and all ministries and military institutions of Pakistan.

Dear friends!

Our Leaders underscored the importance of further strengthening of bilateral relations and accelerating regional connectivity in the fields of Pharmaceutical production, energy,  agriculture, IT, textiles and logistics, Inshallah.

Particular attention of our nations and brotherly neighbor nation is the construction project of the Uzbekistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan railway. Last month in Tashkent new project office was established and in Islamabad trilateral recent meeting of the project office (Uzb-Pak-Afg) hosted by the Government of Pakistan (Ministry of Railways) three countries have signed the Protocol upon the feasibility studies, financing and construction of this Game changer project.

Let me express my believe that every next year meetings will be resulted with new significant inputs for the further cementing of brotherly relations and re-connectivity between Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

In conclusion, I`m honored to convey best wishes to new Caretaker Government and Pak Army all brotherly Pakistani nation for significant successes and further dynamic development in all new endeavors. Inshallah.

Pak-Uzbek Dosti Zinda Bad!  Pak-Uzbek connectivity Painda Bad!