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Xi Jinping recommended a proposal for Climate Change solutions

President of China, Xi Jinping
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Glasgow, 4 November 2021 (GNP/TDI): Chinese President Xi Jinping recommended a proposal for Climate Change solutions in his written statement to the World Leaders Summit of the 26th session of the United Nations of the Conference of the Parties (COP26). The conference is taking place in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Chinese President’s Proposal

His three-pronged proposal for climate change solutions comprised of upholding multilateral consensus, focusing on actions instead of speeches, and establishing a green transition as soon as possible. The Chinese President urged the world to stick to the Paris Agreement to deal with the climate change crisis. The three recommendations for climate change solutions made by the Chinese President at the COP26 are highly important and can be decisive in the fight against climate change.

Multilateral Consensus

Multilateral consensus is very important to the nature of the problem of climate change. Climate change solutions demand unity of the world. Climate change is not the problem of a single country, single region, or a single continent but it is the problem of the whole world. No one is safe until everyone is safe in the world. The whole world needs to change its policies to win the fight against climate change. Therefore, a multilateral consensus is very important for united action against climate change.

Need of actions instead of empty slogans

Secondly, due to the catastrophic nature of the problem, it should be addressed to the world. But just empty slogans and speeches are not needed for it as most of the countries are just giving speeches and speeches over this highly sensitive issue but doing nothing against it. So, as actions speak louder than words, therefore, States should show responsibility in mitigating climate challenges and should focus on actions rather than speeches. They should create examples in the world by adopting high measures against climate change.

Green Transition

Last but not least recommendation by Chinese President Xi Jinping was to accelerate the speed of the green transition in the world. Green transition is the most important factor which can play a decisive role against climate challenges. The countries should adopt a zero-emissions policy and should achieve their targets by 2050. Thus countries should accelerate their speed of green transition. Therefore, countries should act on the Paris Agreement which is the only way to win the fight against climate change.

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