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US supports bilateral talks between Pakistan and India

We support direct dialogue between India and Pakistan on issues of concern, said Matthew Miller.

Washington, 3 Aug, 2023 (GNP): The United States restated that it favors bilateral talks between Pakistan and India on matters that disturbed both countries on Wednesday.

The State Department of the US was reacting to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s proposal to initiate a dialogue with the neighbor, without naming India specifically.

However, the premier had recommended discussion over issues as the opposite side seems serious about it.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the US State Department Matthew Miller responded to a question and said, “As we have long said we support direct dialogue between India and Pakistan on issues of concern,” noting that this has always been the American view on the issue.

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On the other hand, PM Shehbaz while addressing the Dust to Development summit in Islamabad said, “The neighbor has to understand that unless abnormalities are removed, normalcy can not take place and the serious issues are understood and addressed through peaceful and meaningful discussions.”

The prime minister further emphasized that Pakistan held nuclear power not as an aggressor, but for its defense. “And God forbid if there is a nuclear flashpoint, who will live to tell what happened? So war is not an option,” he added.