IPDS ink MoU with Association of Russian Diplomats


14 Feb 2021(GNP):  Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies ink MoU with Association of Russian Diplomats (ARD), Moscow to collaborate in the areas of diplomacy and international relations to increase the quality of expertise in the fields. The MoU also focused on jointly hosting events, publications and exchanging academic knowledge to enhance understanding of the world and global diplomacy. The aim is also to strengthen the "Friends of Belt and Road Initiative Forum” across Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Association of Russian Diplomats (ARD) is Russia’s nationwide public organization uniting diplomatic service officers of the Russian Federation with diplomatic ranks. It comprises diplomats in active service and those who have already retired. Established in June 1990, the association maintains the best traditions of the Russian diplomatic service, while strengthening ties between generations of professional diplomats. The association arranges various webinars, conferences, symposiums, training workshops for diplomats. The supreme body of the Association is the general meeting of its members.  The Board includes prominent diplomats such as  I. Ivanov, S. Lavrov, M. Margelov, A. Bessmertnykh,  L.Adamishin, L. Drachevsky, A. Dzasokhov, A. Denisov, M. Bogdanov, K. Kosachev, A. Saltanov, S. Tikhvinsky, A. Torkunov, A. Kosachev and others. Ambassador-at-Large  Igor Khalevinskiy is the current Chairman of the Board.

Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies (IPDS). IPDS established in June 2014, is Pakistan-based independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit Research, Advocacy, and Public Diplomacy Think and Do Tank. Prof. Johan Galtung signed the foundation stone. IPDS aims to provide strength to Pakistan’s effective role in global diplomacy through innovative and innovative research, effective advocacy, dialogues series, education modules, consultancy services, well-built & knitted public diplomacy initiatives, and engagements in the thematic areas of Peace and Diplomatic Studies.  https://web.facebook.com/IPDSPakistan

The MoU was signed by Ms. Farhat Asif, Founder President Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies, Islamabad, Pakistan, and  Dr. Igor V. Khalevinsky, President of the Association of Russian Diplomats (ARD). Mr. Asif Noor, Director, IPDS was also present on the occasion.