Malala Says, Taliban must ensure the right of Women.


Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafazi has said that Statements are not sufficient, the Taliban must ensure to guarantee the rights of Afghan women, including their rights to get an education.

According to details she was addressing the United Nations Security Council meeting on Afghanistan‘s situations, Malala highlighted the issue of education for girls and women within the war-torn- country.

The rights of educations are not only for men but for women as well, Malala added. She further said that for peaceful Afghanistan, girls should need to get an education.

 Malala asked the UN to ensure the projection of the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan. She added that Secondary schools in Afghanistan have been shut and students have been told to wait at home.

 She added that female teachers have no jobs because they are not allowed to teach boys. Additional assistance should be given to Afghanistan and should play its role for the prosperity there, Malala added.