Taliban governments say, Women can continue their study


Taliban have said that Women can study in gender-segregated Universities. According to details the higher education minister of Abdul Baqi has clearly said, that women can continue their studies in Universities and colleges but the Islamic dress would be compulsory.

He laid out the new policies at a news conference. We want that women should continue their studies but in the parameters of Islam.

 We will not allow co-education. We will not allow boys and girls to study together. Gender segregation will also be enforced, Abdul Baqi added.

We would not rewind the previous mistakes. We have to go ahead, what has been happened, we should forget about that, to think about future, said the higher education minister.

 On the other side, Taliban’s member, Zakirullah Hashmi has said, that women should give birth and raised their children, it is not necessary that women should be part of the government.

Taliban have announced the new policy regarding female education, because as they came into power, the world was watching on them, now what they have to do.

 But there is a big contradiction in their statements if we closely see, so in recent weeks they have beaten the Journalists only on that they were covering the protest of the women. Common Afghan is also in a state of worry.