India Today starts a new channel’’ Good News Today’’


India Today has launched a new TV channel which will transmit only good and positive content for the viewers.

The Vice-Chairman of the Network Kellie Puri has said that the Channel would present positive and good news, ‘’ the name has been decided for the said channel’’ Good News Today,” Stories regarding the human achievements, stories of hope, inventions and masses from India and other parts of the world who have made positive contributions in the respective fields.

 We have to spread positivity and good stories based on reality said, Puri. He further said people have been fed up with the hype and exaggerated news, that’s why’’ we have decided to bring something new and different, said the Vice President of the network. People would certainly feel the difference. Each one of us needs a smile, encouragement and see good things around us. According to Kellie, the theme of the channel is ACHI KHABAR’’.

 The process of hiring has been almost completed and competent staff has been inducted in the upcoming channel.

 We are still working and day-night” to polish our content and staff as well. Reporters, Technical staff, anchors have been properly trained” because we want to change and positivity” not hype, added the Vice President.

 Keeping in view that over 160 national and regional channels are broadcasting in India, but the said group has achieved its credibility, fame and name in the country.