Pakistan’s first transgender to get admission in MPhil


Pakistan’s first transgender Nisah Rao, a lawyer and activist has become Pakistan’s first transgender student to have been granted admission into an MPhil program to study law.

 She will be doing her LLM from Karachi University.

 Nisha was also the first transgender of Pakistan to obtain the Degree of law from Sindh Muslim Law College in 2020.” I was much upset regarding my admission, whether would be selected or not in the said program of MPhil, said Nisha.

Two days ago, I was being informed by the faculty regarding my selection and I have taken the admission in LLM, Nisha added.

 LLM degree is equaling to the MPhil degree and I would be the first transgender student to get this degree in the history of Pakistan.

According to Vice Chancellor, Karachi University’’ she would be the first transgender student to take the degree of LLM. It was very difficult for me to take admission in LLM, I have submitted 1, 4000 for one semester of LLM, then one can think, who often beg on the roads and streets, but my intention was clear that I have to do that and the impossible became possible, Nisha added.

She highly appreciated the role of the administration in University; all the staff was much cooperative and supportive.

“If the transgender speaks well, walk better, then no would bother her, said Nisha.When asked from the Chancellor of the University, that ender can apply for the teaching in university, he said, Committee has to decide this matter.