Pakistan’s Ambassador to U.S Spoke at First Hybrid International Colloquium

Pakistan's ambassador Asad Majeed Khan Speaker at First Hybrid International Colloquium.

Washington, 1 October 2021 (TDI/GNP): Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States Asad Majeed Khan spoke at the first hybrid International Colloquium. The event was organized by the University of Pennsylvania to discuss the future of Pakistan-US relations in post-war Afghanistan.

During the discussion ambassador Khan remarked that since Pakistan and the US share broad and long-established relations, the bilateral cooperation between both the countries in post-war Afghanistan could be critical. He mentioned that both, Pakistan and the US, can harness their bilateral and regional interests via cooperation and in the future, the Pakistani-American community and the natural cultural affinity will continue to deepen and strengthen the bilateral ties.

In reply to a question about recent events in Afghanistan, ambassador Khan emphasized that both Pakistan and the US share a common will of achieving a politically inclusive government in Afghanistan; only a fully representative government in Afghanistan can ensure and safeguard Afghan territory against terrorists.

Ambassador Khan also highlighted that Pakistan stands with the international community in urging the Taliban to fulfill their commitments on upholding Human Rights, counterterrorism,  providing safe passage to people who wish to leave Afghanistan, and forming a politically inclusive government.

During his address, ambassador Khan reiterated that the humanitarian crisis is worsening daily in Afghanistan and expressed his high hopes that the international society will refrain from repeating the same mistake of disengaging from Afghanistan. He also mentioned that instead of disengaging, the international community must assist Afghanistan to avert a humanitarian crisis, chaos, and migration that may have international implications.