FAPUASA declares formation of HEC Commission unla wful and announced grand protest and sit-in in front of Higher Education Commission


Islamabad (GNP): Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Associations, representative body of public sector Universities faculty have challenged the formation of HEC commission and finds it unlawful.  The clause 3 (b) of the ACT has been repeatedly violated by HEC. It says “one member shall be a Rector or Vice Chancellor appointed by the Controlling Authority out of a panel of three persons suggested by a committee consisting of all Vice Chancellors of public sector universities. The FAPUASA demands HEC to stop unlawful convening of commission meetings and a lawful formation.

The federation showed disappointment on the attitude of Chairman HEC towards Academia, who has miserably failed to address issues of academia and keep his commitments, multiple times in past two years. The online meeting of Executive Council of Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Associations was held on July 01, 2020. Representatives from Provincial Chapters and Academic Staff Associations (ASA) from various Universities of the Pakistan attended the meeting. FAPUASA welcomed the decision of Punjab Government to withdraw “Public Sector Universities (Amendment) ACT 2020”. FAPUASA paid gratitude for the support and unity shown by all FAPUASA Chapters, Media, Civil Society, Journalists and the Intellectuals.

The members expressed deep concern towards the injustice done with the education sector and universities, in-terms of annual budget. Unfortunately, Universities have been pushed to the wall by the government.  FAPUASA finds that the role of HEC has been extremely discouraging towards universities as HEC has completely failed to acquire required budget from the government and convince the government regarding the budgetary requirements of the universities. Due to the failure of HEC in getting required funds from the Government; the universities are unable to pay salaries to their academic and administrative staff on time.

FAPUASA rejected the recommendations of 36th Commission meeting of HEC regarding Tenure Track (TTS) Faculty.
FAPUASA condemned the HEC authorities for not presenting the recommendations of the committee constituted by Chairmen HEC for issues related to TTS faculty members for approval. These recommendations include job security, salary increase, pension, endorsement issues and administrative posts, pending from several years.

FAPUASA strongly condemned and demanded immediate withdrawal of notification issued to Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan (BZU) faculty to recover salary and deduct service of those TTS faculty members who served on different administrative positions as additional charge. FAPUASA demand HEC to immediately endorse all the pending promotion cases of BZU, University of Agriculture Faisalabad and other universities in Pakistan. Faculty with additional administrative assignment should not be penalized. The appointment of TTS faculty member on any administrative position is the university’s’ internal matter and HEC should not dictate the universities on this matter as it challenges the Autonomy of the universities, which is not acceptable.

It was demanded that Post PhD experience for Professor and Associate Professor on BPS, must be considered for promotions. The Federation finds this limitation discriminatory towards faculty and demands its abolition. FAPUASA demanded  government restoration of 75% Tax rebate for academia and researchers. FAPUASA rejected new research journal policy of HEC and demanded an immediate withdrawal of the notification. In case HEC would try to implement unilateral policy, without consultation with stakeholders, FAPUASA would boycott it and resist its implementation with full zeal.
FAPUASA resolved that the teaching community of Universities of Pakistan will remain with only choice of going on protest if the above-mentioned legitimate issues are not resolved within two weeks. The FAPUASA would announce grand protest including boycott of HEC policies, and sit-in in front of HEC, if the talks failed with HEC authorities.