No huge delay in vaccine development for COVID-19


Islamabad: 6th May 2020 (GNP): There is no huge delay in the vaccine development for COVID-19, said by leading American expert Prof. Dr. Saad B. Omer while delivering his online seminar arranged by COMSTECH on Wednesday for OIC countries. He described the vaccine development process in detail by discussing all technical aspects involved in process. He informed that the fast-track vaccine development is currently underway. Human trials have been started and there is no huge delay in vaccine development for COVID-19. He provided a detailed account of various vaccines which are in the process of development against COVID-19, and explained how vaccines work against the viral pathogens.

At the outset of his lecture, Prof. Dr. Saad B. Omer said that it is not to stigmatized any disease any country or nation and there is a need of empowering the scientists to lead in making critical decisions, avoid fake news and false assurances. Despite lockdown, social distancing is not possible or practical at home, many of the infections are of familial origin – originate between the family.

Coping with the pandemic in effective way, he suggested to test, trace contact, quarantine asymptomatic carriers, reduce household transmission and practice social distancing. He informed that the outbreak in South Asia is slower than the Europe, and the doubling time of cases is 7 days.

Answering a question seeking his opinion on complete lockdown or smart lockdown, he stressed that nations should be pre-emptive and quick reaction before the rise of cases. Countries which reacted quickly, proactively succeeded in slowing down the spread, whereas those countries which were not proactive, saw exponential rise in cases. He suggested go early, test, trace contacts and ease lockdown slowly, smartly and sector wise.

Is it wise to ease lockdown while there is no therapy, no vaccine? He replied that it depends on the rate of cases, if cases are rising rapidly then nations have appropriate strategy to cope with the situation. He suggested to ease lockdown carefully by implementing all suggested safety measures.

Participants from various cities of Pakistan, and other OIC countries such as Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh and Egypt joined the session.

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