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APPNA donated $350,000 to help earthquake-victims of Turkiye

“Turkey is our second home and foreign motherland,” Ambassador Masood Khan said.

Washington, 13 June, 2023 (GNP): According to a press release from the Pakistani Embassy, the Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA), donated $350,000 on Monday for the rehabilitation and construction of homes for Turkiye’s earthquake victims.

The APPNA group visited the Turkish Embassy in Washington, along with the Pakistani ambassador to the United States, Masood Khan, and presented Turkish Ambassador Hasan Murat Mercan with donations from Pakistani doctors.

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Speaking at the event, Ambassador Masood Khan said that the earthquake had also impacted Pakistan when it hit Turkey in February because “Turkiye is our second home and foreign motherland.”

Furthermore, he claimed that APPNA, an organization of 3,500 members, which represents over 20,000 doctors working in both the United States and Canada, felt the sorrow of their Turkish brothers and sisters and was able to donate $350,000 in less than an hour.

Dr. Arshad Rehan, president of the APPNA, emphasized the close ties between the two nation’s people and stated that the Pakistani community in the United States was extremely distressed by the destruction that befell the people of Turkiye.

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Moreover, Ambassador Masood Khan also praised the statesmanship of his Turkish counterpart, saying that he had enhanced Turkiye’s standing as a country.

The ambassador of Turkiye, Hasan Murat Mercan, expressed his gratitude to the Pakistani government and people, especially the Pakistani community living in the United States, for their swift and kind support at the time of difficulty.