NSA Says, World should need to think about Afghanistan


That Afghanistan stabilizes,” he said. National Security Advisor Moeed Yousuf has said that terrorism would grow if the World abandons Afghanistan. According to details he was talking to the media in Karachi today, we talk about national security, this comprehensive national security vision is on our minds and should be on everyone’s minds, said Moeed Yousuf.

You would ask why not military security? Why not human welfare? The issue is we need microeconomic stability to ensure that we have enough resources to spend adequately on our military and on our human welfare.

The genius of policy is to ensure that your resource pile grows to a point where you can redistribute it adequately to everyone,” he explained.

All of our leadership regularly talks about Pakistan’s shift from a geopolitical to a geo-economic cadre, which is actually a transformation in terms of the thinking,” he said.

If you look at the past, our location has actually brought us global wars. Afghanistan is a very good example of this for the past 40 years.

What we were looking at is how to utilize our location for the geo-economic position. This has three pillars of which number one is connectivity.

Given our location we can use where we sit to connect south from the north, westward and eastward theoretically then you optimize the use of your location, he added.

So in terms of policy, you may have noticed a very strong shift towards Central Asia, an area that has been closed for a long time. You must have noticed three or four major visits including the one last week by the prime minister. Because it is from Central Asia connected through Afghanistan, down to our warm waters is by far the most economical route.

It gives Afghanistan a mode of transit. Also, that’s why the Gwadar port becomes important. Sadly perceptions matter more than reality today. Due to perception, you lose the investment, you lose tourism, you lose serious conversations, and the cricket team decides to leave.

Pakistan has to do much to ensure that our stories get to the world,” he said. We stand for an inclusive government. This requires