PM Imran: World should give time to Taliban


Prime Minister has said that the best way forward for the best peace and stability in Afghanistan, World powers should give time to Taliban government.

According to details that were his first interview with CNN, after the Taliban came into power. When CNN asked him, regarding the future of Afghanistan, he said that the Taliban have come into power, now would have to see, what they do. Taliban are looking for Aid to control the country’s crisis.

However, he warned that Afghanistan could not be controlled by outside forces.

 No puppet government in Afghanistan has taken the support of the people; the country has its own history.

 Afghanistan could not be controlled from abroad. We should incentivize them. Because Afghanistan, this current government, clearly feels that without international aid and help, they will not be able to stop the crisis. So we should them in the right direction.

Our intelligence agencies told us that the Taliban would not be able to take over all of Afghanistan, and if they tried to take Afghanistan militarily, there would be a protracted civil war, which is what we were scared of because we are the ones who would suffer the most,” Khan said.

 The world should "give them time” to form a legitimate government and make good on their promises, Khan added.

To critics who say the Taliban will destabilize the country, Khan pointed to the withdrawal of the Soviets in 1989, which resulted in a "bloodbath.

Khan said he was expecting a similar bloodbath to happen after the US forces left. Women should have the ability in society to fulfil their potential in life, said Khan.

In Pakistan, what we have done is we have actually paid stipends to poor families to get the girls to study in school because we feel that if the girls, if the girl child studies, if they have education, they will get their own rights,” he said.