Sapna Chaudry reacts to her death rumor


It says when truth comes; the rumors would devastate the village, especially for the showbiz personalities. But when rumors become nasty it can be really disturbing for anyone.

 Recently the same thing was happened with the dancer and actress Sapna Chaudry. Recently some reports went viral that Sara Chaudry has passed away.

 Then Sapna Chaudry reacted and said that Journalism is very good profession and one should thoroughly check the news, she further added that her family has passed from trauma, that news also has affected my personal life and family my members as well.

Imagine, what a parent would feel to get a call like that, where people were asking them, regarding my death, Sapna  Chaudry added.

How could people like that could break news regarding my death?

 The famous dancer added that I would like to work in Indian movies, but would not like to wear such clothes in which one could be seen, I have also intention to speak fluent English but one barrier stops her, because English is much difficult language.