American defense analyst speaks in favor of Kashmir


Washington 10 June 2020 (GNP): Wes Martin  American defense analyst speaks for the people of Kashmir. In his article in an international news service, he said India must stop his aggression over the LoC in Kashmir. He further said, Modi should initiate peace talks with Pakistan but he is raising the tension over LoC with Pakistan. Modi’s aggressive forces will be more belligerent if Pakistan will fire them back.

India and Pakistan’s tension over the Kashmir is now a worldwide recognized dispute. Pakistan always tries to engage the international community in the Kashmir issue to stop the Indian aggression over the Kashmiri people and LoC. It is not only Pakistan who is raising voice for the people of Kashmir and Indian violation over the LoC but the international community also starts speaking in favor of Kashmir by exposing the Indian violating actions. European parliament, China and many other countries also spokes for the people of Kashmir and Modi’s fascist policies. (GNP)