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Serena Hotels and NAB hosted a seminar on “Umeed-e-Sehar ki baat karo”

Islamabad, 19 August, 2023 (GNP): Serena Hotels under its Cultural Diplomacy Initiative joined hands with NAB Rawalpindi/Islamabad and hosted an engaging seminar dedicated to spread awareness against corruption in an entertaining yet enlightening manner. The seminar titled “Umeed-e-Sahar Ki Baat karo”, which translates to, ‘Let’s talk about a new dawn of hope’. The event aimed to shed light on elements of corruption and provided a platform for intellectual discourse against corruption and how to fight it.

There was a meet and greet where the guests gathered before the evening commenced with a recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by a beautiful Naat recital. Welcoming the guests was Capt. (R)Muhammad Faheem Qureshi, Director of Awareness and Prevention Wing, NAB Rawalpindi who highlighted the significance of speaking up against corruption and discussed hope and progress for the growth of the nation.

This was followed by speeches made by eminent professionals in the field, including Dr. Ashfaq Hasan (Dean Business School NUST/ Economist Speaker) and Dr. Anis Ahmad, Vice Chancellor, Rifah University/ Academics/Religious Scholar, who further expanded upon the efforts being made by the nation to fight against corruption in an enlightening manner.

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The guest of honor Director General of NAB Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Mr. Mirza Muhammad Irfan Baig, was the keynote speaker who emphasized the importance of keeping hope alive and the need to strive for a brighter future. His speech was particularly inspiring and focused on motivating the audience to have a positive outlook towards the upcoming future of the nation.

The second half was an entertaining ‘Mukalama’ which enthralled the audience, followed by national songs that uplifted the evening, engaging the crowd and filling it with the nationalistic spirit. The event attendees included associates from NAB Rawalpindi/Islamabad, notable members of corporate sector & government officials and other dignitaries from the capital. A delicious feast awaited the guests at the end of the event.