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China-South Asia tech collaboration: Fostering innovation and mutual growth

Kunming, 19 August, 2023 (GNP): The 4th China-South Asia Technology Transfer and Innovation Cooperation Conference was held in Kunming, Yunnan Province on 16th. At the meeting, South Asian guests from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and other countries expressed their expectation to strengthen scientific and technological cooperation with China.

Zhang Guangjun, the Vice-minister of Science and Technology, said that China’s Global Innovation Index ranking in the World Intellectual Property Organization rose from 34th in 2012 to 11th in 2022, successfully entering the ranks of innovative countries. The Chinese government has always attached great importance to and adhered to opening-up and cooperation in science and technology. We plan and promote both self-reliance and opening-up and cooperation in science and technology simultaneously, and also we adhere to an mutually beneficial and shared international strategy with openness and inclusiveness for science and technology cooperation.

It is reported that at present, China has established scientific and technological cooperation with more than 160 countries and regions in the world, signed scientific and technological cooperation agreements with 117 countries, participated in more than 200 international organizations and multilateral mechanisms, accelerated the China-led international scientific programs, implemented the action plan of “Belt and Road” scientific and technological innovation vigorously and Promoting an open, fair, just and non-discriminatory environment for science and technology innovation. All of these has made great contributions to the common development of all countries.

Moin Haq, the Pakistan’s ambassador to China, said that China has become a global leader in artificial intelligence, 5G communications, new energy vehicles and other scientific and technological fields, as well as in the new energy fields such as solar, wind, hydrogen energy. Green technology is helping China solve environmental problems such as pollution and desertification. He believes that China’s current journey, from water shortage to environmental degradation, from urban congestion to energy shortage, has many similarities with the current challenges faced by South Asian countries, in the face of these common challenges, South Asian countries should strengthen scientific and technological cooperation with China and learn from its valuable experience.

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Ashok Kumar Rai, the Nepal’s Minister of Education and Science and Technology, said that China’s efforts to deepen cooperation in science and technology with South Asian countries are commendable. At present, a large number of Nepalese students are studying medicine, engineering, information technology and other technologies in China. Nepal looks forward to strengthening academic research with China in such technological fields as railways, tunnels, space, agriculture, biology, communications and artificial intelligence. “Nepal welcomes scientific and technological assistance and investment from China, which can help Nepal create more jobs for local young talents.”

“China has made remarkable achievements in science and technology development and become a source of inspiration for scientific and technological innovation in the world.” Kanaka Dasaratha Herat, the Sri Lanka’s Minister of State for Technology, pointed out that China, as a long-term partner of Sri Lanka, has provided great help to Sri Lanka’s development, especially in the construction of infrastructure. “Starting from this year, Sri Lanka has launched its vision for the development of digital economy, and we hope that China could help to participate in the development of Sri Lanka’s vision of digital economy through intergovernmental cooperation and cooperation between enterprises.”

It is reported that the China-South Asia Technology Transfer and Innovation Cooperation Conference is the annual landmark event of the China-South Asia Technology Transfer Center, which has been successfully held in Kunming for 3 sessions, facilitated the signing or implementation of more than 80 international science and technology cooperation projects, and trained nearly 100 professionals and technology transfer managers for South Asian countries.