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Prime Minister Imran Khan meets Crown Prince of Bahrain

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan (L), meeting with Crown Prince of Bahrain, Prince Salman bin Hammad bin Isa Al Khalifa (R).
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Riyadh, 26 October 2021 (GNP/ TDI): Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, met Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Bahrain, Prince Salman bin Hammad bin Isa Al Khalifa. The meeting took place on 25 October on the sidelines of the Middle East Green Initiative (MGI) Summit.

The meeting marked a discussion of matters of mutual interest along with developments in Afghanistan. The two leaders also exchanged views on diversifying bilateral relations between Pakistan and Bahrain.

Pak-Bahrain Relations

Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Imran Khan said Pakistan and Bahrain share deep-rooted and fraternal ties. He recalled his visit to Bahrain in 2019 and stated that such visits build momentum in bilateral relations.

Likewise, the Crown Prince said Bahrain highly values its relations with Pakistan. He expressed willingness to upgrade relations between the two countries at all levels.

Pakistan and Bahrain share cordial diplomatic relations based on mutual trust and respect. The two countries established diplomatic relations on 14 October 1971. Both countries are members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and G77.

Both countries cooperate in various sectors including trade, investment, culture, and defense. Moreover,  this year marked the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Bahrain.

During the meeting, both leaders pledged to enhance bilateral cooperation between the two countries in myriad fields.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Imran Khan invited the Crown Prince of Bahrain to visit Pakistan.

Developments in Afghanistan

Sharing his views over the situation in Afghanistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the international community to positively engage with Afghanistan.

He urged the international community to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. He added, it is imperative for averting a humanitarian and economic crisis in the country.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Imran stressed releasing the frozen assets of Afghanistan to instigate economic development and stability in the country.

Additionally, Prime Minister Imran Khan also held meetings with the United States Special Envoy for Climate and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia on the sidelines of the MGI summit.

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