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Pakistani business woman nominated for global woman inspiration award

Deepak Chopra and Madame Mir Elle will be awarding a total of 12 women nominated for the award.

London, 19 June, 2023 (GNP): Pakistani businesswoman Huma Fakhar is the first to receive a nomination for the United Kingdom-based Global Woman Inspiration award for her exceptional contributions to Pakistan’s business and social sector.

The nominations for the award were announced on Saturday by the Global Woman Club, and it is scheduled to take place on July 17 in the United Kingdom.

Globally, Deepak Chopra and Madame Mir Elle will be awarding a total of 12 women nominated for the award. “This nomination is a testament to my work in Pakistan, as a successful businessperson, and to my contributions to the social sector,” Huma said in a statement.

Huma Fakhar, through her contributions, has proven to be an inspiration for women in Pakistan. She has made significant strides in the business sector as well as in supporting social causes.

One of her notable achievements is co-authoring Pakistan’s White Revolution Dairy Investments vision ‘Doodh Darya.’ With this vision, she laid the foundation for corporate dairy farms in Pakistan aiming to empower over 500,000 women in the dairy sector.

Furthermore, Huma Fakhar has been instrumental in promoting and nurturing entrepreneurship at the school level, particularly among girls in orphanages across Pakistan, enabling them to achieve self-sustainability.

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As a Pakistani representative, Huma has also been participating in various international business forums, including India Pakistan, Afghanistan Pakistan, and Malaysia Pakistan. She has also been part of trade ministerial meetings in Doha, Hong Kong, Mexico, and the white house in the United States.

Fakhar’s work has also gained viable recognition through the recently launched circularity fund ‘Green Footprints’. The initiative aims to support startups in circular business models, circular research and development, as well as innovation and sustainable supply chains, especially focusing on the food sector.

Extending her heartfelt gratitude to her loved ones for their unwavering support, Huma Fakhar said, “Thank you for the continued support of my family and friends.”