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Pakistan expresses strong condemnation of Israeli minister’s disturbing remarks

Islamabad, 6 November, 2023 (GNP): The Foreign Office (FO) of Pakistan issued a statement expressing its deep concern and strong condemnation of the alarming comments made by an Israeli minister, Amichay Eliyahu.

In a recent radio interview, Minister Eliyahu made a suggestion that involved the use of nuclear force on Gaza.

These remarks by Minister Eliyahu, who is known for his ultranationalist stance and is part of the ruling coalition led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have raised serious concerns both globally.

During the interview, when asked about the possibility of using an atomic bomb on the Gaza Strip, Minister Eliyahu disturbingly responded with “That’s one option.”

In response to these remarks, Israel’s Prime Minister’s office suspended Minister Eliyahu from government meetings “until further notice,” emphasizing that such statements were “disconnected from reality” and reiterating Israel’s commitment to avoiding harm to non-combatants in Gaza.

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Despite this suspension, Minister Eliyahu’s inflammatory comments have elicited widespread condemnation from various quarters across the Middle East.

Global outrage

The Arab League chief, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, pointed out that Minister Eliyahu’s remarks indicate the existence of nuclear weapons in Israel, an open secret.

He further stressed that these comments reflect a deeply troubling view held by some Israelis regarding Palestinians, revealing the true face of the occupation government.

Saudi Arabia has criticized the Israeli government for not immediately dismissing Minister Eliyahu, considering his remarks a grave violation of human, moral, religious, and legal values. The Saudi foreign ministry expressed its strong disapproval of Israel’s response.

Jordan has also condemned the Israeli minister’s comments, characterizing them as a “call for genocide” and a “hate crime” against the Palestinian people.

In light of the international outcry over his statements, Minister Eliyahu has since attempted to clarify that his remarks about the atomic bomb were “metaphorical.”

The Foreign Office spokesperson of Pakistan, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, has also strongly denounced the threatening language used by the Israeli minister and noted that such remarks indicate an intention toward “ethnic cleansing and genocide.” She called on the international community to recognize the threats posed by Israeli aggression to regional peace, security, and stability.