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International Day of the Girl Child 2021 celebrated in North America

The respective states shared the global community’s commitment to empowering young girls and women across the world.

Flags of United States, Mexico, Canada flying together, concept of new NAFTA trade agreement now known as USMCA in the USA, CUSMA in Canada or T-MEC in Mexico.
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Washington, 12 October 2021 (TDI): On Monday, the United States joined other North American countries, including Mexico and Canada, to commemorate the ‘International Day of the Girl Child 2021.’ The respective states shared the global community’s commitment to empowering young girls and women across the world.

The US State Secretary Antony Blinken reiterated on the occasion that girls deserve to feel empowered and safe around the world. He affirmed the United States’ commitment to guaranteeing prosperity for girls, besides acknowledging the challenges they face on daily basis. Blinken further stated that the US would keep collaborating with girls’ communities, with the objective of ensuring gender equality and adequate participation of girls in the society. He also aimed to prevent the disruptions in marginalized girls’ education, particularly amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

While observing the ‘International Day of the Girl Child,’ Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that girls around the world are entirely capable to become leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers in the future. Regarding the mistreatment of girls in Canada, Trudeau stated that girls suffer greatly from family violence and cyberbullying, which often affects their mental health as well. In this regard, he exhibited a commitment to taking concrete measures to ensure the well-being of girls and women by building a safer world for them.

Similarly, Mexico’s Secretariat of Foreign Relations also commemorated the day, reiterating that girls are the leaders and innovation agents and it is important to achieve gender equality across the globe. Emphasizing this year’s theme for the ‘International Day of the Girl Child,’ the Mexican Secretariat also aimed to promote the “Digital generation. Our generation” agenda of the United Nations.

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