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Deepfake videos of Bollywood stars fuel election concerns in India

Mumbai, 22 April, 2024 (GNP): Two Bollywood stars, Aamir Khan and Ranveer Singh, appeared in AI-generated videos—30 and 41 seconds long, respectively—that reportedly criticize Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not keeping his campaign promises and for overlooking crucial economic matters during his two terms.

These deepfake videos conclude with the slogan “Vote for Justice, Vote for Congress,” featuring the Congress party’s emblem, and have accumulated over 500,000 views in a single week.

The rapid spread of these AI-generated videos highlights the potential impact of artificial intelligence on India’s ongoing national elections, which started on Friday and will run through June.

AI-generated content, especially deepfakes, is seeing greater use in election campaigns across the globe, with instances in countries like the United States, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

In India, with almost a billion voters and 900 million internet users, AI and deepfakes are becoming a significant part of the election process.

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Both Khan and Ranveer Singh’s representatives confirmed the videos were fake, while social media platforms and fact-checking organizations flagged the content as manipulated.

Khan’s representatives mentioned his concern over the video, while Singh warned his followers on social media to “beware of deepfakes.

Politicians are also turning to AI during this election cycle. For instance, the Congress party used AI to create a video featuring a late politician asking for votes for his son.