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Lula sworn in as the President of Brazil

The former president Bolsonaro flew to United States before formally handing over the presidential sash to the left wing president-elect politician Lula.

Brasília, 2 January 2023 (GNP): The veteran left-wing politician Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, also known as Lula, was sworn in as the president of Brazil for the third time after he defeated Jair Bolsonaro in last October elections.

The former president Bolsonaro went to the US to avoid the official ceremony of transfer of power to the new president.

The left-wing political party, the ‘Workers’ Party’ supporters, gathered in front of the Congress building in Brasília to watch and celebrate the swearing-in ceremony of their leader, Lula.

Lula became very emotional when talking about the plights and miseries that Brazilian are suffering now. In his speech to Congress and the people, he stressed the reconstruction and unity of Brazil.

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The main issue that Lula’s government will face is to convince his opponents and critics that he is not a corrupt politician and can do better for Brazil, though he has been to jail for corruption charges but was ultimately released from prison in 2021.

He vowed that his government will raise fund allocation for health, education, and Amazon forests conservation, which his predecessor Jair Bolsonaro has drastically reduced.

The gun laws of Bolsonaro have to be revoked that were implemented in 2019 by he immediately came into power. He also clarified that his government is not motivated by a spirit of revenge, but those who have deliberately destroyed Brazil in almost every aspect should have to answer for this.

President Lula appointed the well-known climate activist Marina Silva as his head of the climate and environmental ministry again.

The ceremony of presidential sash-taking by Lula was a rare display of diversity and unity in Brazilian history, a country deeply replete with racism and ethnic crisis.

Eni Souza, a rubbish picker, passed the presidential sash to Lula as Bolsonaro left the country before doing that. An indigenous leader, a disabled influencer and a black boy stood beside Lula at this ceremony who lost his finger when he was a metalworker.