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China stresses reforms in Afghanistan for diplomatic recognition

Beijing, 5 December, 2023 (GNP): In a recent statement, China underscored the imperative for Afghanistan to implement political reforms, bolster security, and harmonize relations with neighboring nations as preconditions for receiving complete diplomatic recognition.

While refraining from formal recognition of the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan, China has continued diplomatic engagement with the country, hosting each other’s ambassadors.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin emphasized China’s stance, stating, “Afghanistan should not be isolated from the global community.”

He articulated China’s expectations, urging Afghanistan to establish an inclusive political structure and adopt moderate, stable domestic and foreign policies.

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Wang Wenbin also urged Kabul to combat terrorism unequivocally and promote amicable relationships with neighboring and international entities.

“Diplomatic recognition of the Afghan government will naturally follow as the concerns of all parties are addressed more effectively,” he added.

Since the Taliban’s assumption of power following the tumultuous US troop withdrawal in August 2021, no nation has officially acknowledged their government. Nonetheless, Kabul and Beijing have sustained certain diplomatic connections.

The Taliban leadership has vowed that Afghanistan will not be utilized as a sanctuary for militants. In response, China has pledged economic support and investment to aid in the nation’s reconstruction efforts.