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US exploits iPhones as espionage tool, Russia claims

Russian federal security Service (FSB) has accused the United States of orchestrating the spying operation.

London, 02 June, 2023 (GNP): Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has announced the discovery of a sinister plot orchestrated by the US National Security Agency (NSA). The FSB accused the United States of employing unknown malware to exploit backdoor vulnerabilities in Apple phones.

Russian federal security Service (FSB) has accused the United States of orchestrating the spying operation involving thousands of Russian iPhones.

Russia claims the United States has used iPhones as an espionage tool for unauthorized surveillance to target diplomats and individuals.

Despite FSB’s inquiries seeking comment from both Apple and NSA, neither entity responded during non-business hours in the United States.

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In its official statement, the FSB underlines that this shocking revelation exposes a close collaboration between Apple and the NSA. Additionally, The US agency is responsible for cryptographic and communications intelligence and security.

Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims, “covert data collection was made possible through exploitable software vulnerabilities present in American-manufactured mobile phones”.

“The US intelligence services have been using IT corporations for decades to collect large-scale data of Internet users without their knowledge,” the ministry said.

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In the wake of Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine during the preceding year, US and British spies uncovered President Vladimir Putin’s impending invasion plans.

Earlier this year, the Kremlin instructed officials preparing for Russia’s 2024 presidential election to cease using Apple iPhones concerning the devices’ susceptibility to Western intelligence agencies.

Kaspersky Lab

A renowned cybersecurity company, Kaspersky Lab, found itself a victim of the same cyber campaign sharing valuable insights on the matter. The cybersecurity firm collaborates with Russian law enforcement with the purpose to enhance security and combat cyber threats.

The Russian cybersecurity firm revealed that the attacks originated from iMessage attachments. iMessage is a tactic similar to the techniques employed by NSO Group and other spyware vendors serving international government agencies.

However, Kaspersky clarified that it currently lacks sufficient evidence to attribute the breaches to any specific government organization. While a representative from Kaspersky Lab conveyed that the government held the belief that iPhones possessed inherent vulnerabilities.

Kaspersky further reported that none of the iPhone devices were using an operating system more recent than iOS 15.7, which had been replaced in September 2022.

Additionally, the Kaspersky Lab shared a list of obscure websites used to connect with compromised devices. They offered technical indicators of penetration, enabling users to assess their iPhones for potential security breaches.