Younis Khan advises Ramiz Raja it’s time to take action


Former Pakistan captain and ex-batting coach Younis Khan advised {PCB] Chairman Ramiz Raja to talk less, added the now it’s the time to take action.

According to details Younas Khan was talking to a TV Channel, he said that what New Zealand and England have done with us.

PCB should take up the issue in the ICC meeting during the upcoming T-20 World cup.

Khan spoke about the difficult conditions that the Pakistan cricket team had faced when it had travelled to the UK during the height of the pandemic to play a series in the country last year.

He stressed on the importance of respecting Pakistani cricketers. "If you do not respect your team here, in Pakistan, no country will respect you around the world,” he emphasized.

We have to behave well as Muslims and represent our country. But at least sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

At least do something legally [for going on tours],” he added.

He agreed with the host that Pakistan had once again been pushed back, almost, to the predicament it was in 2009 when international cricket suffered initially.

The former captain said the PCB should contact other cricket boards and keeping in mind the prevalent situation, form an Asian bloc.

After the snub by the New Zealand cricket authority, Khan said Pakistan should think about whether it wants to play against the Kiwis or not during the ICC World T20 clash.

He advised PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja "and everyone else” to talk less and bring something to the table.

About the T20 World Cup squad, khan said that the entire nation should now throw their weight behind the Men in Green and support them ahead of the mega event.