Hasan Abdullah says, Taliban have its supporters but opponents as well.


Diplomatic Correspondent of TRT World Exclusive Interview with GNP, from Kabul {Interview by Aqeel Ahmad Correspondent GNP

Diplomatic Correspondent Hasan Abdullah of Turkish Radio and Television {TRT World] has said that the Taliban have its supporters in Afghanistan, but opponents as well. According to details Hasan Abdullah was talking to this correspondent of GNP from Kabul.

I think it’s not fair to say that you cannot win a guerilla war without strong public support. For many years, the group has its substantial support particularly in the rural areas of the country, said the diplomatic correspondent.

 One of the reasons of that support has been the Taliban’s parallel justice system that many people have viewed as dispensing justice swiftly and for free, TRT Correspondent added. Many Pashtuns believe that they had been sidelined by the US-Backed government.

They believe the Taliban would tip the balance in their favour. Then of course there are opponents of the Taliban.

 There is opposition on ideological grounds from a small secular elite, said Hassan Abdullah.

Then there is also a kind of fear in people, that the Taliban would suppress their freedom and lifestyle as well.

Clearly, the World has not received the Taliban’s takeover positively. Many countries have shown their concerns about lack of inclusivity and violation of women rights.

Even though the Taliban had announced a general amnesty, there have been causes of people concerned to the people government working for the Americans being intimidated and harassed, TRT Correspondent added.

In response to a question regarding the financial condition of the country, the diplomatic correspondent told the GNP, first of all, the impression that the financial crisis has somehow just started after the Taliban’s takeover is dishonest.

Afghanistan has been struggling for decades. According to the Asian Development Bank, nearly half of the country was living below the national poverty line last year, said Hassan Abdullah.