Inqilab-e-Mehsud—A failed attempt to disseminate Jihadi ideology

By Masroor Ahmad


Masroor Ahmad

It is very regretful that despite being the frontline strength in the war against terror the global media has not acknowledged the epic role of Pakistani security forces which successfully nailed the terrorists to spread terror in many other regions of the world. The brave security forces of Pakistan led different military operations i.e the Operation Rah-e-Nijat,  Zarb-e-Azb and Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad to nip the evil in the bud for its national as well as regional and global security. The Tehrik-i-Taliban (TTP) and other factions of terrorist suffered huge losses during these operations. Pakistani military achieved exemplary accomplishment to disarm and eliminate the terrorists and their sleeper cells across Pakistan during these operations. These operations have minimized the threat of terrorism in Pakistan and in the world. TTP commanders and fighters have either gone underground or fled to neighbouring Afghanistan. However, the threat still hover over due to the potential support of Afghan intelligence agency National Directorate of Security (NDS) and Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), as there are concrete reports that these agencies out of cold blood against Pakistan are regrouping different terrorist groups against Pakistan which can compromise peace in other regions as well. NDS and RAW are not only using these elements for their covet operations but also through propaganda literature to create chaos and destabilisation in Pakistan.


A book entitled Inqilab-e-Mehsud, South Waziristan: Firangi Raj se Amreeki Samraj Tak (Mehsud Revolution, South Waziristan: From British Raj to American Imperialism) is part of such propaganda campaigns to malign Pakistan and to seed doubts among the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Ameer TTP, Noor Wali Muhammad (NWM) while continuously fighting, also kept writing jihadi articles, monographs and books. Interestingly, Mehsud is referred to as an intellectual, writer, and scholar. His book INQILAB-E-MEHSUD written in 2017 explains his negative views. The book is a compilation of Talibans activities aiming to glorify the acts and presenting TTP Commanders as “Robin Hoods. In most cases, militant jihadis do not get engaged in research and writing, as their forte is militancy and tactics. Noor Wali alias Mufti Abu Mansoor Asim, took charge of TTP after killing of Mullah Fazlullah in a US drone strike in June 2018 as his successor. Apart from his widely read book Inqilab-eMehsud, he also authored many other books to promote his Jihadi ideology. As of November 2009, Mufti Noor Wali Mehsud had a bounty of 2 million rupees placed on his head. This clearly shows that Mehsud’s elevation as Emir of TTP is an attempt to inspire more people to join jihadi activities in Pakistan, as he is an inspiring figure in terms of both militancy and dissemination of jihadi thoughts and ideology.

As a shrewd strategist and an alliance maker, Mehsud described his role and efforts for the formation of a united jihad front in tribal areas termed as Ittehad al-Mujahedeen. He termed Sindhi and Punjabi ethnic groups of Pakistan as less familiar with ways of Islamic religion whereas Pashtuns in his opinion are not only Islamic but also valiant in terms of defending the religion. He uses a derogatory language against Punjabi ethnic group and considers Pakistan Army a Punjabi army. The way he describes atrocities of Pakistani security forces against Mehsud tribes in particular and Pashtuns tribal in general showcases his views are in fact Islamo-Pashtun nationalist.

In this 690-page book under discussion, he claimed responsibility for carrying out the targeted assassination of the former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in 2007. It was perhaps the first time at the jihadi landscape of Pakistan that a jihadi commander described the details of assassination of Benazir Bhutto. The book claims, “She (Benazir) allegedly planned to collaborate with the US against the mujahedeen if she returned to power.” Mehsud not only claimed the role of TTP in assassinating her but also provided details of masterminds Moulvi Imran, Ahmas alias Nasrullah, Qari Ismail, and Mullah Ihsan and suicide bombers Bilal alias Saeed and Ikramullah. Wali also admits in the book that various operations carried out by Pakistani security institutions in different parts of the country hampered TTP’s operations and forced it to flee to Afghanistan’s border areas. It is crystal clear that this book is a malicious and venomous agenda driven text. It targets youth and Hostile intelligence agencies for mindset change. NWM attempts to portray TTP a much capable organization than it actually is whereas Pakistan and its armed forces have been portrayed as enemy and infidels. It glorifies terrorists’ acts e.g murder of BB aimed to drive wedge between military and politicians of Pakistan.

India’s blame to Pakistan for sponsoring terrorist acts in India undermines homegrown freedom struggle of Kashmiris and wants to avenge on Pakistan through these terrorist elements. As a matter of fact, TTP, its affiliates and PTM/BLA are instigating youth against the state of Pakistan and its security institutions with the sponsorship of Indian RAW and Afghan NDS. It is evident that the evil nexus is foreign funded and assisted and desires to break integrity of Pakistan. Terrorist manpower is a lot which is illiterate with  twisted minds and brainwashed mindset while  Pushtun sentiments are being triggered against state, not realizing that Afghan is an ethnicity and Pakistani is a nationality. Pushtuns need to carry these legacies and be proud of them both. The sad part of this episode is that elements in Afghan government are directly involved in assisting and providing safe havens to these terrorists in Afghan soil. A UN report, released recently, indicated the presence of a large number of TTP Taliban in Afghanistan and their continuous operations against Pakistani forces and civilians while. In addition to this, Pakistan has also shared different intelligence and media reports with the concerned quarters.

In essence, all terrorist activities are tantamount to treachery not only with state but also with Islam. The peace promoting religion of Islam has been used and maligned by terrorists. They have damaged Islam much more than enemies could ever do it.  World has realized that terrorist safe havens in Afghanistan and India are the new concern for peace. Indian proxies target religion, society, peace and progression (CPEC) of Pakistan. Masses of Pakistan have realized this fact and these terrorist organisations do not enjoy any further support in public. The kinetic defeat of terrorist organisations by Pakistan Army has frustrated them and their promoters, funding agencies and strategy planners. This banned outfit does not stand any chance of success in future. Pakistani nation values the supreme sacrifices by armed forces and will not allow a reversal at any cost.


When stability is returning to Afghanistan with the help of Pakistan, an effort is being made to sabotage it. TTP is entering the elimination phase of its lifecycle from where recovery seems unlikely. TTP is struggling to get fresh recruits. But given hardening of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and better border management measures, its hideouts in Afghanistan are in peril and the ideological rhetoric of Islamizing Pakistan through jihad has no takers. Arguably, it is the beginning of the end of TTP and the group will continue to suffer further setbacks by Pakistani security forces. To conclude, Inqilab-e-Mehsud is a failed attempt to disseminate Jihadi ideology and thought in Pakistan by its enemies.