Islamabad’s Naval Sailing Club is no Illegality

By Ayman Zahid


Ayman Zahid

Pakistan’s naval forces along with other institutions have always remained the center point of the state as they have died many deaths while defending their land. They have handled the outrageous situations at most fronts and remained persistent which made them to achieve their long term goals. Persistence quality drove them with hope of attaining ultimate goals for the state. Their services are all about physical and mental strength which provide general public with the relief from the stress and continue the normal mode of living.

As the Pakistan Navy’s Headquarter is situated in the capital, its naval sailing club located on the Rawal Lake space of Islamabad which was established in 1992 by the grant of the then Prime Minister has become a major issue these days. The land was gifted to the Pakistan Navy beside the lake as Naval department deals with the maritime affairs of the state and the location was more than suitable for them. It was thought out to provide the naval department with the little of what they actually deserved. Their struggles for Pakistan are higher satisfactory and needs to be appreciated. In addition, sea power has always remained as the bone of contention, central figure to war and naval forces left no stone unturned to deal with the hard grafts presented in front of them with time to time.

The critical issue has been raised by the media after the additional construction on the Lake side for the enhancement of the citizen’s immune system which has turned out to be the foremost thing to be strengthened against the evil invaders such as bacteria, viruses, etc that are nowadays prevailed in the country. Club members also include Civilians had always demanded to enrich conveniences and facilities for families so when they play sports their kindred would be entertained.

Furthermore, it was thought to use the Naval Foundation’s money to oblige the overall citizens of the Pakistan which would also be upright in generating income that would be used for the upbringing of the country’s defense against foreign aggressors in seas during the time of need and most significantly for the welfare of the families of martyrs. This income would be used for the good purposes like assisting those who are in need especially to accommodate the families of those who lost their lives while defending their country. It is no harm to start a welfare system to do a service of kindness for the martyr’s family fund. It should be supportive by the citizens.

But, Pakistan’s some media persons and natives once again attacked the institutions of the state by spreading disinformation which would lead towards the damage of overall structure of the country. These are the people who don’t want to see any institution succeeding and growing. They are humiliating the state’s institutions without knowing the actual facts behind the steps taken the Pakistan’s Naval department.

It is to be noted that the state is considered strong only when its institutions are powerful and working in a way that is able to withstand force. Without influential and dynamic state institutions, citizens are none, even state is none.

In addition, citizens are also liable to the state’ bodies which are scrupulous in providing peace and harmony to its natives. Our armed forces stay up till all hours and always envisage about to provide the best to the citizens which they fail to appreciate, comprehend and start their blame game without giving the subject line a rational thought. This is what Pakistan is lacking behind- a public conscience, which is leading it to the benighted state. Additionally, it always goes like, West is succeeding because it has virtuous institutes but, no one points out the efforts of its citizens which maintain the vigil in holding up the structure in the balanced form. Native people have the responsibilities and they deny to acknowledge that in Pakistan.

Furthermore, the Islamabad Administration has delivered a warning/ notice to the Pakistan’s Naval Sailing Club to halt the construction immediately otherwise it would be demolished by the CDA authorities as the construction is regarded as an unlawful step and demands action. While there is no point of discussing legal and illegal subject lying between the issue, it was something gifted but, media negatively using its power and raising voice against the prestigious institute of the country and stuffing people’s mind with gloom-ridden thoughts.

Moreover, it is just an upgrade of an old facility and not just for officers of Armed Forces but open for all members and even civilians would be entitled to those privileges equal to armed force’s officers.  Institutes of every nation-state are considered as the backbone of the country and to spatter them with filthy words is not something suitable and appropriate to its natives. Here, media plays a negative role and fill the minds of youth with bleak representation of institutes which causes harm to the state. As well, there is not one point of illegality in expanding the already constructed naval sailing club just for the sake to provide better infrastructure, tranquility and peaceful environment for the people of the Pakistan. Also, media is cheerless to find it satisfying if there is something opportunistic for the people. It is the fourth pillar of society and in this regard it is also conferred with the state of being legally responsible towards creating coherence in the society but, despite of fulfilling its responsibilities it is doing what is entirely different and creating grim realities which are playing negative roles and shaping dark and poorly lit set-ups to destroy the reputation of state in general and institutions in specific, this needs to end and our institutions should be our top priority in order to gain the significant position around the world.

Respect towards the state’s institutions provide a route to the thriving nation-state. Over and above this, only true patriotism, nationalism and coherence can lead the states towards reaching new heights and prosperity.