Pakistan strongly condemns the Indian force’s attack on young Kashmiri


Islamabad, 9 June 2020 (GNP):  According to a statement of spokesperson of MoFA, Pakistan strongly condemns the extrajudicial killing of 9 young people of Kashmir by Indian occupied forces. She said they killed these young men in a fake-encounter on the name of ‘cordon and search’ operation in the southern Shopian part of Kashmir. Five people were killed in Kashmir by Indian forces in the area of southern Shopian. But after a few hours, 5 more people died in a firefight in Kashmir. Ministry of foreign affairs Pakistan has confirmed the killing of nine young men by Indian belligerent forces.

Cordon and search operations are conducted in an area to cordon off the area and to search the premises for weapons and insurgents. These operations conducted globally by the military to combat terrorism or other related activities. But Kashmir is a part of the land where people are facing discrimination and violation of human rights for more than 70 years. Since last year, Kashmiri people are living in a strict lockdown imposed by the Indian government. They have no freedom of speech and if somebody raises his voice for their rights they faced the consequences in the form of violence. In such a situation, how can Indian forces justify the “cordon and search” operation in an area of Kashmir?

Aisha Farooqui further said where the whole world is busy in fighting against the global challenge of COVID-19, India is still busy in violating the human rights of Kashmiri people. She highlighted the Hindutva and so-called RSS policies followed by the BJP government; she said “Hindutva agenda of RSS-BJP combine is targeting defenseless Kashmiris with mindless violence to break their will”.

Pakistan always raised voice for Kashmiri people at international forums. Aisha Farooqui once again calls for the accountability of the Indian government for violation of humanitarian law in Kashmir. She said the world community must act and protect the Kashmiri people from a wanton killing and other brutalities imposed by the Indian occupied forces.