War crimes investigations against British Forces’ in Iraq drops in the UK


London 3rd June 2020 (GNP): Last year, news against the crimes of British forces in Iraq and Afghanistan seized the attention of the world. The allegations of abuse against Iraqi civilians surfaced in 2006 when an image of torturing Iraqis in the infamous US-led Abu Ghraib prison shocked the world. British forces along with US forces invaded Iraq in 2003 under R2P alleging the Iraqi government having Weapons of Mass Destruction, which afterward proved false. Similarly, soon after images of torture, a video was published which showed British forces abusing four Iraqi boys. In 2017, a British lawyer Phil Shiner, member of the UK’s government Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) came up with new evidence of crimes committed by British forces during the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. The UK’s Ministry of Defense immediately denied the allegations. IHAT was closed down and Phil Shiner found guilty for his accusations against British forces. Following the BBC’s documentary about alleged war crimes ICJ set up a primary investigation against war crimes, but reportedly it will also conclude this year without any further actions.