Sri Lankan woman elects to Norwegian Parliament


Lankan born Kamzy Gunaratnam has been elected a member of the Norwegian Parliament.

Jonas Garr Stare’s Labor Party won the Norwegian parliamentary election.

Gunaratnam was elected to Parliament from the Labor Party.

Stoere, 61 is expected to replace Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg, 60, as tallies showed a decisive swing in favor of the center-left.

She was born in Sri Lanka and came to Norway as a refugee when she was three years old.

Her parents were Tamil refugees who worked in the fishing industry in the north of Norway, though they relocated to Oslo a few years after arriving in the country so that she and her brother could go to a Tamil school.

After joining the Tamil Youth Organization in Oslo, Kamzy met governing mayor Raymond Johansen who encouraged her to get involved with politics, which she did.

She was elected as a representative to Oslo City Council for the first time in 2007.

 She was a deputy member of the Starting (2013-2017) and took office as the Deputy Mayor of Oslo on 21 October 2015.