Mandatory to wear Mask, Zafar Mirza


Islamabad 31th, May 2020 (GNP): Mr. Zafar Mirza (special Pakistan PM’s assistance for health) in his tweet today said that wearing mask in public is mandatory for everyone.

Special guidelines have also been issued during the current ongoing Covid-19 mounting crisis in Pakistan. With as high as 80 deaths per day recently, Pakistan is bracing itself for every increasing daily infection count. Ministry of National Health Services is issuing daily advisories. Earlier, face mask as a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was mandatory for only health care workers. From now, it is pertinent for all Pakistani. A mandatory section has been added to the guidelines. According to them, a face mask must not be touched with hands until considering hand hygiene. Furthermore, it should be replaced when it becomes moist, adding to this, they must be wasted by following the given disposable guideline. (GNP)