Kashmir Quagmire – GNP


Shaikh Moazzam Khan

Since the partition of sub-continent, Indian forces are illegally occupying the territory of Jammu and Kashmir. They are using every available illegal means to suppress the freedom struggle of the Kashmiri people. However, Indian forces’ use of force against the people of Kashmir has failed to defy the spirit of freedom. Indian regimes, since independence, took worst kind of actions in Jammu and Kashmir but they failed to grab the sympathies of Kashmiris due to the inhumane treatment of Indian forces towards them.

Kashmiris refused to bow down before the oppressions of Indian brutalities. Salute to their courage and valour. They are continuously defying Indian presence and nationalist designs. Many generations of Kashmiri people sacrificed their lives while fighting for freedom and Indian forces. Unfortunately, international community choose to remain silent over the Indian brutalities. Until the independence of Jammu and Kashmir from Indian barbaric rule, their struggle will remain intact. Revolution cannot be defeated through the use of force. We have no precedent in the world where one had succeeded against the revolution by using force.

The freedom struggle of Kashmiri got huge momentum after the martyrdom of young Kashmiri freedom fighter Burhan Wani, who fought valiantly against the Indian occupied forces. He sparked a new spirit in the fight for freedom of Kashmir from Indian illegitimate rule. He embraced the highest rank of Shahadat (martyrdom) while bravely fighting Indian forces.  On July 8, 2016, Indian forces martyred Burhan Wani. After his martyrdom, Kashmiri independence movement took momentum and entire Kashmiri community in IOJ&K and other parts of the world protested against the Indian occupied rule and oppressions. Indian nationalist government refused to engage Kashmiri and Pakistani leadership to initiate dialogue on the outstanding issues including the bone of contention Jammu and Kashmir dispute.

When Burhan Wani embraced Shahadat in 2016, Riaz Naikpoo took the reins of freedom movement Hajbul Mujahideen – a movement which is fighting against Indian oppression. Naikoo, under his leadership kept alive the spirit and cause of Kashmir. He also followed the Burhan Wani’s freedom struggle and valiantly fought against the Indian forces. Indian government and armed forces used every available means to eliminate their freedom movement but they couldn’t do that. Thanks to the spirit of Kashmiri people who are defenceless but still fighting with courage and high morale. Instead of getting success, Indian forces got huge blow when entire Jammu and Kashmir came out to protest against the martyrdom of Burhan Wani. Though, Indian forces termed the Burhan’s operation huge success, but it fuelled high spirit in the freedom struggle. Riaz Naikoo gave tough time to the Indian forces in the valley.

In another act of state sponsored terrorism, on 6th May a Hizbul Mujahideen leader Riaz Naikoo was killed by Indian forces in IOK, which exposes the lies of Indian government. By killing freedom fighters, Indian government demonstrates all okay in the valley. As the Indian govt claims that everything is under control in Kashmir the recent encounter shows otherwise. Kashmir is on tipping point and the world might soon observe the entire South Asian region engulfed in the conflict. These Indian barbaric actions have terrible consequences for the entire region. Indian actions are bringing both Indian and Pakistan on the cusp of nuclear collapse. One should not forget here that entire Kashmir is an integral part of Pakistan. Indian forces illegally occupied the valley.

Indian oppressions are fuelling anti-India sentiment among Kashmiri people. Indian government’s decision not to engage Kashmiri leadership is demonstrate hegemonic and egoistic state attitude. This India attitude is the major reason behind the anti-India sentiments in IOJ&K. Dialogue is the only possible solution of Jammu and Kashmir issue. As I said earlier, use of force is not the solution of Kashmir cause. Indian government must have to set aside its ego while dealing with Pakistan and Kashmiri people. India couldn’t die down the morale and spirit of Kashmiri people. The time has come now. Indian government has to realize that it has lost its credibility in Jammu and Kashmir as people are no more interested in New Delhi’s lies.

Here, international community must also come out to press Indian government to stop atrocities in the valley and initiate dialogues with Pakistan and Kashmiri leadership. If these organizations couldn’t do that, there future and credibility would be at stake. They should ask India to follow the resolutions of UNSC and UNGA regarding the Jammu and Kashmir issue. In case of leniency, Indian government is likely to increase its nationalist designs in the valley by bringing Hindus fanatics in the valley. Pakistan always pitched for peaceful solution of Kashmir issue. It is Indian government who is interested in misadventures. These Indian intentions have unimaginable consequences for the world not region. If India doesn’t talk to Kashmiri leadership, it should brace itself for more attacks from freedom fighters.