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Qatar sentences eight Indian nationals to death: Diplomatic tensions emerge

Doha, 27 October, 2023(GNP): A Qatari court has sentenced eight former Indian naval officers to death on charges of espionage for Israel.

The verdict, which comes amidst ongoing negotiations between Israel, Hamas, and Qatar to secure the release of hostages, has left the international community concerned.

The individuals, who had worked in various positions within the Indian Navy, are accused of conducting espionage activities in Qatar and providing Israel with sensitive information regarding Qatar’s secret submarine procurement program from Italy.

The convictions mark a significant development in a region that is already grappling with geopolitical tensions.

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Qatar, a nation known for its rare application of the death penalty, has not yet made public statements about the case. The last recorded execution in the country was in 2020, and before that in 2003.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) expressed its deep shock and concern regarding the verdict. According to Indian external affairs ministry they are currently exploring all legal options to address the situation. These convictions have the potential to create diplomatic tensions between India and Qatar, two nations with a strong trade relationship.

India’s external affairs ministry issued a statement underlining the significance of the case and pledged to continue providing consular and legal assistance to the convicted individuals.