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Pakistan’s ambassador in Rwanda fosters cooperation among the diaspora

Kigali, 6 December, 2023 (GNP): Pakistan’ ambassador to Rwanda Naeem Khan engaged with Pakistani diaspora in Rwanda on December 4th, fostering unity among the community.

Ambassador Naeem held a lunch at Pakistan House that was attended by large number of Pakistanis including children and families.

He engaged with the Pakistani community to promote cooperation and unity among the community members.

During the community gathering, the ambassador emphasized essential aspects, urging solidarity, and advocated for promoting a positive image of the country.

He also stressed the significance of extending mutual support in the business ventures being undertaken by Pakistanis in Rwanda.

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He underscored the advantages of Roshan Digital Accounts through which overseas Pakistanis can digitally open bank accounts in Pakistan. Moreover, significance was laid on observing the laws of the country.

Additionally, ambassador Naeem Khan highlighted the diaspora’s significance in generating employment opportunities for both Rwandans and fellow Pakistanis.

Furthermore, Hafiz M. Irfan, Chairman of PKAR, and Vice Chairman Saleem A. Ghani also presented their remarks to the attendees.

They introduced themselves and elaborated extensively, offering their suggestions and insights. Whereas, the guests enjoyed Pakistani cuisines during the event.