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International Children Day of Innocent Children Victim of Aggression observed today

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Islamabad 4th June 2020(GNP): Today the whole world is observing the 37th International Children Day of Innocent Children Victim of Aggression. The motivation behind the day is to recognize the torment endured by children all through the world who are the casualties of physical, mental, and psychological mistreatment. This day confirms the UN’s responsibility to secure the privileges of children guided by the Convention on the rights of children.

Like other countries, Pakistan is also to observe the day and raise his voice for the children of Kashmir, who are the victims of aggression from the Indian government for more than 70 years. Pakistan always raised voice for the rights of people in Kashmir and for the children who are suffering there.

The day was established in 1982 by the UN for the children of Palestine and Lebanese. It is a heartbreaking reality that in circumstances where conflict breaks out, children are the most helpless individuals who are generally influenced by the outcomes of the war. To acknowledge the sufferings of the children across the world, the whole world including the UN is being observed for the International Children Day of Innocent Children Victim of Aggression.

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