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Indonesia sends flood relief assistance for Pakistan

Indonesian government has decided to send some additional logistics worth USD $ 193.000 for flood relief in Pakistan.

Karachi, 4 January 2023 (GNP): Pakistan has faced manifold losses in agriculture, infrastructure, and health facilities during the flood crisis. Indonesia knows the condition of flood-affected areas in Pakistan and the climate change phenomenon in the world and the Indonesian government has decided to send some additional logistics worth USD $ 193.000 for flood relief in Pakistan.

Human assistance has been provided thrice and fourth times to the victims of flood areas in Sindh and Baluchistan by the Indonesian people and the government and logistics have arrived in Karachi.

The relief logistics include hygiene kits, tents, clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, and mosquito nets weighing a total of 15 tons for the flood-affected areas in Pakistan. The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) received assistance from the Indonesian Counselor General Dr. June Kuncoro Hadiningrat in Karachi.

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Before that assistance, Indonesia sent first aid for flood relief in Pakistan, which was around 90 tons, and 29 health professionals to the affected areas in Sindh.

The Pakistani and Indonesian governments signed a grant agreement on December 22, 2022, when the Indonesian government gave assistance which was amounting to around USD 1 million to NDMA.

PM Shahbaz made a call to Indonesian President Joko Widodo during the flood crisis and talked about assistance for the flood-affected areas and the President accepted his request to help people and the grant will be used for the recovery and rehabilitation process of flood-affected areas in Pakistan.

According to the UN report, there are almost 11 districts of Sindh and two districts of Balochistan that have been demolished by flood water and water from floods still over there and the report was issued by the UN on 6 December 2022.

Pakistan and Indonesia are Muslim-majority countries in the world and are determined to strengthen political, social and economic relations and agree to help each other economically on every important occasion and disaster in the country.