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Chinese and Pakistani companies signed MOU to facilitate businesses of both countries

Islamabad, 28 October, 2023(GNP): Chinese and Pakistani companies have taken a significant step towards enhancing their bilateral trade and business cooperation by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

This collaboration signals a mutual commitment to advancing opportunities for businesses on both sides. Under this strategic partnership, the aim is to create an environment that encourages trade expansion, develops efficient logistics, and fosters global commerce.

This groundbreaking partnership is set to provide members of both organizations with various benefits, including the exchange of essential market information, insights into industry trends, and the tools to make informed decisions in an ever-evolving global marketplace. Customized logistics solutions, coupled with preferential logistics rates, are in the pipeline to enhance supply chain efficiency.

GLA members will gain access to trade finance, credit insurance, and risk management services, facilitated by GBA’s extensive global connections. Additionally, both parties will collaborate on advocating for trade-friendly policies and exploring technology integration to streamline logistics processes and improve transparency.

The partnership will also encompass trade promotion events, sustainability practices, skills development programs, and the cross-promotion of membership benefits. Chinese and Pakistani companies, through this alliance, express their dedication to fostering an environment conducive to global business growth.

Representatives from both GLA and GBA emphasized the significance of this partnership. A representative from GLA highlighted that this collaboration is a significant step forward, offering members unprecedented opportunities for global business success. Similarly, Muhammad Asif Noor, Chairman, GBA stressed the game-changing nature of the partnership in line with their mission to promote international trade and open up new horizons for their members.

Global Logistics Alliance (GLA) is a global network comprising over 5,000 logistics companies from more than 170 countries. GLA offers a platform that connects its members with reliable overseas agents, facilitating global business expansion and unlocking opportunities for growth.

Global Business Alliance (GBA) is a leading international platform dedicated to fostering trade and business cooperation. It connects its members with a vast network of global diplomatic missions, governments, trade organizations, and business enterprises, offering opportunities for growth and partnerships worldwide.