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Candidates for President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Ulugbek Inoyatov

Ulugbek Ilyasovich Inoyatov, Presidential Candidate of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan

Ulugbek Ilyasovich Inoyatov was born on August 6, 1962 in Tashkent in a family of a white collar worker. Ethnic nationality – Uzbek.

He graduated from Tashkent Polytechnic Institute in 1985 and Tashkent Financial Institute in 1998. He is an engineer-economist, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences and professor. He began his career in 1985 as a teacher at the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute.

From 1993 to 1999 he worked as a deputy dean of the Tashkent Architecture and Civil Engineering Institute, and from 1999 to 2011 he was the director of the Tashkent Finance and Economics College.

He was rector of Tashkent State Pedagogical University since 2011, minister of public education since 2013, and rector of Namangan State University since 2018.

He was Chairperson of the Central Council of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan since 2019. In 2019, he was elected to the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis.

U.I. Inoyatov is currently Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis.

U.I. Inoyatov has proven to be a potential leader with theoretical and practical experience. He is the author of more than 100 scientific papers. A number of his proposals on improving the quality of education and preparing young people for the profession are widely used in the development of the educational system of our country.

U.I. Inoyatov is a responsible and dedicated individual with extensive experience in state and public administration, domestic and foreign policy, judicial law and social protection issues as a party and faction leader. U.I. Inoyatov was awarded the Shukhrat (Glory) Medal in 2006.

He is married, has a son, a daughter and six grandchildren. His
wife, L.I. Inoyatova, is a teacher.


Shavkat Mirziyoyev

Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev, Presidential Candidate of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen – Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan Shavkat Miromonovich.

Mirziyoyev was born on July 24, 1957 to a family of doctors in Zomin district of Jizzakh province.

Ethnic nationality – Uzbek. University degree. In 1981 graduated from the Tashkent Institute of
Engineers of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization. Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor.

In 1981, he began working as a junior researcher at the Tashkent Institute of Engineers of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization, after which he served as a senior lecturer, associate professor, and vice rector for academic affairs. In 1990 he was elected a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic and worked as the chairman of the Credentials Commission.

In 1992 he was Khokim of Mirzo-Ulugbek district in Tashkent, from 1996 to 2001 Khokim of Jizzak province and from 2001 to 2003 Khokim of Samarkand province.

In addition to his work in the executive branch, he participated actively in the law-making process as a member of the Oliy Majlis from 1995 to 2003.

Sh.M. Mirziyoyev was appointed Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2003 and held this post until 2016. Since 2016 he has faithfully and selflessly served our country as President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Thanks to the efforts of Sh.M. Mirziyoyev, the country’s GDP has reached the historic figure of $80 billion in the last six and a half years, exports have increased 1.5 times and foreign investment has tripled. As a result, the purchasing power of the population and average monthly wages have almost doubled.

As a result of the reforms implemented under Sh. M. Mirziyoyev, the enrollment rate in preschool education increased from 27% to 72%, in higher education from 9% to 38%, and 700,000 additional places in schools were created. Sh.M. Mirziyoyev became the founder and author of a new reform to lift the population out of poverty in our country.

Entrepreneurs were supported and their free activity was ensured. As a result, the number of economic agents doubled to 560,000. As a result of the reforms implemented by Sh.M. Mirziyoyev to ensure freedom of expression and a policy of openness, an atmosphere of freedom has emerged in our society, and citizens’ rights to information are strictly enforced.

Sh.M. Mirziyoyev was awarded the orders “Mekhnat shukhrati” (Glory of Labour) and “Fidokorona hizmatlari uchun” (For Disinterested Services) for his many years of effective work in public and administrative authorities, for his great contribution to the development of our country and increasing the prosperity of our people.

Married, has two daughters, a son and six grandchildren. His
wife, Z.M. Mirziyoyeva, is chairperson of the board of trustees of the Zamin Foundation


Robakhon Makhmudova


Robakhon Anvarovna Makhmudova, Presidential Candidate of the Social Democratic Party Adolat of Uzbekistan.

Robakhon Anvarovna Makhmudova was born on November 9, 1958 in Fergana district of Fergana province in an
intellectual family. Ethnic nationality – Uzbek.

University degree. In 1983 she graduated from the Law Faculty of Tashkent State University.

She began her career in 1976 as a secretary of the Fergana Regional Court.

In 1979-1983 she was a notary of the State Notary’s Office № 1 of Fergana city, 1983-1987 – deputy head of the Department of Justice of Fergana region, 1987-1990 – head of the Party Committee of Fergana region, 1990-1999 she was the first deputy head of the Department of Justice of Fergana region, from 1999 to 2001 she was a judge of the Fergana Regional Court, from 2001 to 2004 she was a judge of the Fergana Regional Court, from 2004 to 2008 she was a judge of the Supreme Court of Uzbekistan, from 2008 to 2013 she was a judge of the Fergana Regional Court, and from 2013 to 2017 she was a lecturer at the Fergana Law College.

In 2017-2020, R.A. Makhmudova worked as the head of the People’s Reception Office of Fergana region, and since January 2020, as the Chairperson of the Committee on Science, Education and Health of the Senate of Oliy Majlis. Since July 13, 2020 she has been working as First Deputy Chairperson of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan – Chairperson of the Judicial Panel for Administrative Cases.

During her career, R.A. Makhmudova has actively participated in reforms in the field of administration of justice, judicial system and ensuring the independence of courts in our country. She has authored a number of resolutions of the Plenum of the Supreme Court on liberalization of criminal sanctions and ensuring fair sentencing.

As an experienced lawyer, R.A. Makhmudova effectively advocates for the preservation of the rule of law, the protection of women’s rights, and the improvement of reconciliation institution.
R.A. Makhmudova is the author of more than 140 scientific and popular articles and about 10 guidance manuals for judges.

In 2020 she was awarded the Order “Fidokorona hizmatlari uchun” (For Disinterested Services). Judge of the first qualification category.

Married, has a son, a daughter and six grandchildren. Spouse, T. Makhmudov, retired.

Abdushukur Khamzaev

Abdushukur Khudoykulovich Khamzaev, Presidential Candidate of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan

Abdushukur Khudoykulovich
Khamzaev was born on December 10,
1973 in the Uzun district of Surkhandarya
province in an intellectual family. Ethnic
nationality – Uzbek.

University degree. He graduated from the Samarkand Agricultural Institute
in 1995 and from the Academy of Public Administration under the President of
Uzbekistan in 2013. Doctor of agricultural sciences, professor.

A.Kh.Khamzaev started his career as an agronomist in the cooperative-run farm “Namuna” in Uzun district. From 1996 to 1999, he completed postgraduate studies at the Samarkand Agricultural Institute. From 1999 to 2017, he worked as an assistant, senior lecturer, deputy dean for academic affairs and vice-rector for spiritual and educational work at Samarkand Agricultural Institute. From 2017 to 2022, he worked as the director of the Forestry Research Institute.

Since 2022, he has been the Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Central Council of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan.

In 2017-2022, under A.Kh.Khamzaev’s leadership, the scientific potential in the field of forestry was significantly increased by establishing 4 new scientific centers and 5 experimental stations. He is also the author of about 20 crop varieties and 16 inventions.

As a party leader, A.Kh.Khamzaev, has contributed significantly to the substantial increase in the number of party members and primary party organizations, and to the broad-based promotion of the party’s programmatic goals.

A.Kh.Khamzaev has been educating himself abroad in the fields of agriculture, forestry and ecology. On his initiative, cooperation has now been established with more than 10 leading foreign educational and scientific organizations in this field.

A.Kh.Khamzaev actively participates in the legislative process. In particular, he was directly involved in the preparation of the draft laws on “Seed Production”, “Forests” and “High Mountain Pastures”. At the same time, as Chairperson of the Expert Council of the State Committee on Forestry, he participated in the preparation of about 20 draft normative legal documents. He is married and has two sons and a daughter. A.Kh.Khamzaev’s wife is a housewife.