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Can NOVA win PUBG Mobile Global Championship for 3rd time in a row?

Who will be crowned a new champion of PMGC? NOVA or we might see new Champion.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship, also known as PMGC. It is held once a year, in which top teams from all over the world fight for the title of global Champion. It is an honor for the team and players to play at such a big level. PMGC was started back in 2020.

Its 3rd addition was started on 10 November 2022. Grand finals are now held from 6 January to 8 January 2023, three days played in Jakarta, Indonesia.


A sold out arena at Jakarta International Expo for PMGC.
A sold-out arena at Jakarta International Expo for PMGC.


Fifty-one teams participate in this Championship; three get a direct invite to the grand finals. The remaining 48 teams fight with each other. This time Championship includes a group stage; teams are divided into three groups, each consisting of 16.

The top 3 teams qualify directly for the grand finals, and the bottom four disqualify. The remaining teams from the group stage play the survival stage, in which the top 16 teams qualify for the last stage. From the last stage, four teams qualify for the Grands finals.

This tournament is the most hyped in the mobile gaming community. There are a lot of PUGBM fans all around the world. This tournament is live broadcast on PUBG Mobile’s official YouTube channel.

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The League stage has a USD 2,500,000 prize pool, USD 10000 for each team as a participation reward. The remaining amount is distributed on the base of ranking. The Grand Finals has a total USD 1,500,000 prize pool,

NOVA is the most decorated team in the history of PUBG Mobile. They win back-to-back previous Two editions of PMGC. Due to the new meta introduced in the game, most critics think that maybe NOVA will not reclaim the title of “Global Champion.”

While the other hand, most fans believe that NOVA will regain their title for the 3rd-time row. Because of their history, they knew how to make a comeback. In league stages, it is obvious that NOVA cannot qualify for the grand finals. But on the last day, they pull off and directly qualify for the finals.

NOVA Esports.
NOVA Esports.


Today is the 1st day of PMGC; NOVA finishes their day at the 12 spots after six matches. It is still a big question, would NOVA make a comeback in the next two days (the remaining 12 matches, six matches played each day)? NOVA is famous for its comebacks.

Let’s see, will they reclaim their title, or this time, there is a new Champion? It will be confirmed on 8 January who the new Champion of PMGC will be. Around 4000 fans will witness who will be crowned as the new Champion of PMGC at the Jakarta International Expo.


2022 PMGC Grand Finals Teams:

16 Teams qualified for Grand Finals.
16 Teams qualified for Grand Finals.


Godlike Stalwart (Group Green), Nova Esports (Group Green), Fire Flux Esports (Group Green), Buriram United Esports (Group Red), Influence Chemin Esports (Group Red), S2G Esports (Group Red), Geek Fam (Group Yellow), Four Angry Men (Group Yellow), T2K Esports (Group Yellow), Team SMG (Global Invite), Alter Ego (Global Invite), Alpha 7 Esports (Last Chance Stage), VAMPIRE ESPORTS (Last Chance Stage), IHC Esports (Last Chance Stage), DRS Gaming (Last Chance Stage), iNCO Gaming (Last Chance Stage)