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Biosecurity sovereignty: Modern epidemic solutions

Moscow, 13 September, 2023 (GNP): 8th Eastern Economic Forum 2023 held on Tuesday in Moscow. The Forum organized a thought provoking session on biosecurity titled “Biosecurity Sovereignty: Fighting Together or Every Man for Himself?”

Andrey Rudenko, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, participated in the session and shared insightful remarks during the session.

The thought-provoking panel session held in the backdrop of Eastern Economic Forum, that  highlighted critical issues surrounding the biosecurity sovereignty.

In today’s rapidly evolving biosecurity risks driven by globalization and, progress in synthetic biology and genetic engineering, the session provided an in-depth discussions about the transformation of the contemporary epidemic processes.

Synopsis of the session

Biosecurity risks are evolving rapidly. Factors such as globalization, economic integration, and the development of synthetic biology and genetic engineering are largely shaping modern epidemic processes.

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In the current conditions of increased biological threats, it is crucial to have the capabilities required to independently manage the risks posed by epidemics.

The countries of the Asia-Pacific region not only have the necessary capacity to manage such risks, but are also actively implementing it, as they rapidly and effectively develop science and technology to combat infectious threats.

Russia shares the desire of Asia-Pacific states to build a modern system to counter biological threats.