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Wuhan returned to normal life


Wuhan, 3rd June 2020(GNP): Wuhan was the first city hit by the coronavirus. After that gradually the virus spread across the world. Not only China but the whole world has faced this challenge by imposing the lockdown in the majority of the world countries. China is a country with people of commitment. They not only overcome the challenge of COVID-19 in their country but they also helped many of the nations across the world to fight against this challenge. And the whole world has seen that China has successfully overcome the coronavirus. They strictly followed the law imposed by the local government to deal with the virus. They fully cooperate with their government by following their instructions. And now it is time when China is fully enjoying the post COVID era. Life in China has become normal even in Wuhan people are back with their normal routine. One of the Chinese news agencies has posted recent photos of Wuhan in which people are sitting in restaurants, enjoying shopping, and tourists enjoying the parks. And this is a success factor for the Chinese government and people.

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