Guidelines for Op-ed and Blogs


– Global News Pakistan encourages young and emerging writers to write OBJECTIVE and INFORMED opinion pieces for our Op-ed and blog pages.
– We invite you to write about any subject of your choice with comprehensive and rational arguments and thoughts.
– The purpose of the op-ed is to share an opinion about a certain subject and this should not look like a news analysis or a piece of news.
– The write-up needs to have a clear thesis, arguments, and evidence-based information for our readers.
– The write up should be between the word length of 800-1000 words
– We strictly discourage plagiarism and we will use certified software to check write-ups.
– It is important to mention if your submission is not published within three working days then send to others.
– The editor reserved the right to edit articles for clarity and brevity of thoughts.
– By submitting your opinion make sure that your write up has not been published in any other place.
– ONLY one article will be published per week by any author with the exception of experienced and guest writers.
– Submit your original pieces at with your full name, a short introduction about yourself, and a social media profile link.
– Follow these instructions and get your opinion published.