South African writer and Egoli creator Franz Marx dies of Covid-10


South African writer and director Franz Marx has died at the age of 78. 

Author Leon van has said that Franz died of Covid-19 complications in Pretoria

He had started his career in TV as a full-time actor in 1968 and later director, Franz went on to write numerous TV series, and mini-series between 1980 and 2000.

 He was most well-known for creating M-Net’s Egoli – Place of Gold), which ran for 19 seasons from 1992 to 2010.

 He had taught all of us who tried to write soap operas (with an emphasis on trying) how to construct soap operas and write summaries of each episode, said Leon. 

I still remember working with him on Christmas Day on some of the first episodes of Egoli. 

He was a workaholic (‘I always work in the mornings, do not bother me in the mornings Leon, Leon added.

 Many people who still write soap operas today have learned from him. A big one is gone,” said Leon.

He was sincere friend and human being as well. Would remember you in my entire life, Leon added.