Melbourne beefs up security as Covid-19 protesters gather


Covid-19 has brought havoc all over the World, governments, and concerned authorities are helpless, what to do with the said pandemic, more detail is present in this report.

Australia’s Victoria State has reported a jump in new Covid-19 infections as Melbourne braces for a third straight day of protests against lockdown restrictions, with police deploying in strength to disperse crowds.

Protesters began gathering in the city Centre in separate groups as the state’s Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton vowed to prevent more violent protests but declined to discuss the measures planned to control violence or unruly behavior.

I would not talk about the tactics we’ll deploy today, Patton said at a media briefing in Melbourne, the state capital.

"I want them to be completely unaware of what we would do today and what capacity they would face, Commissioner added.

Keeping in view that Covid-19 has surrounded almost the world and according to statistics every day around 1500 individuals die due to the said Corona pandemic.

Even President Biden has confessed that we have to work to overcome the Pandemic.

The said coronavirus is more severe and dangerous than that kind of Influenza that had come in America in 1918.