Man goes missing after visiting family, wife finds later his obituary


A woman hailing from Ayanallur village in Tamil Nadu has filed a complaint with the police that her husband has been killed by his family while he was visiting them.


The woman, Amul, and Gowtham were met on travelling a train when the love story began and then they decided to tie the knot, the woman added.


Due to the difference of communities, Gowtham’s family had allegedly opposed their marriage, said the woman.


But they eventually got married and were living in Chennai for the past two years. Gowtham used to visit his family on weekends.


After Amul became pregnant, the couple moved to Avur, to stay close to her family.


A baby girl was born on September 17 when Gowtham was informed that one of his relatives had died.


A woman has alleged that Gowtham left for his village to attend the funeral, but did not return ever since and his phone was also switched off.


Amul’s relatives went to Gowtham’s village and were shocked to see obituary posters saying Gowtham had passed away.


His wife then went to the Thiruvallur Police carrying her newborn baby to file a complaint stating that Gowtham’s family had not declared his death to her and alleged that he has been killed by the relatives.


The police have started the investigation of the case and the police have recorded the story of the woman.


Keeping in view that murder and rape cases have been happening in India on daily basis.