VMAs2021, Olivia and Lil Nas X triumph in a return-Ish to normal


That was a night of triumph for teen stars[Olivia Rodrigo} and former Justin Bieber at the MTV awards in a show that stayed from the pandemic markers and political gestures that have defined most award ceremonies since early 2020.

That has been the most magical year of my life and that’s all because of you guys, said Rodrigo. While accepting song of the year, dedicating the award to all of the other girls who, write songs on their bedroom floor.

There are people who would try to dim your light, but speaking your mind and sharing your heart are the most beautiful things in the world, Rodrigo added.

 But the 2021 VMAs still delivered on the show long time appeal, daring live performances high on sex appeal, from Lil Nas’X striptease in sparkly pink briefs during industry baby.

 Other awards included Travis Scott featuring young Thug and MIA for the best hip-hop {Video] franchise, BTs for best K-pop and Machine Gun Kelley’s my ex-best friend.

 We are in unprecedented times right now, with that covid-19 that’s happening, said Bieber. We have a lot of time, I really believe the best is yet to come, Bieber added.